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We are nerds, based in Berlin and Bochum (Germany), who love movies, TV series, fashion, pop culture, design and gadgets. Therefore, we started this little online service, where we spot all kind of objects and places in movies and TV shows. We do everything to find out where you can purchase or find them in reality, and we unveil the little stories they tell us about the plot. This is our passion and our motto: Everything in a movie or TV show has a link to reality - and we try hard to find it!

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You’re probably wondering what PLOTTIFY means? If not, skip to the next paragraph, but if you do want to know, simply keep on reading:

PLOTTIFY contains the three words…

  • PLOT - because the story or plot of a movie or TV show is the subject that fascinates us most because nothing is more exciting than a cool, dramatic, romantic or funny story we can relate to. The director and his production team tells this story not only with words, the actors, the camera, the light and the colors, but also with the costumes, accessories, music, set design, movie props and locations where the film takes place.
    In fact, a good movie or TV show is full of clever details that the department experts create over the course of several month of hard work in order to make the show or film exciting and authentic.

    The sad fact is that only very few viewers will ever acknowledge all these hidden meanings that the hard and creative working film or TV production teams put in these details. Sure, when analyzing them in detail or in some interviews, few of the movie trivia or deeper meanings of certain production details reach the public.
    Therefore, we started to spot and analyze these item details, trivia, Easter eggs and references in movies and TV series in order to unveil their subtle meanings for the story, the characters or the scenes where they appear.

    We do it because watching good movies and TV shows is cultural learning: And by watching media, we subconsciously learn a lot about human behavior, lighting, brands, costumes, art, music, architecture, design, history, etc.. We literally inhale all the knowledge that a director put in all these little and big details and items that they used for their specific purpose to tell their story and make us believe it.

  • PLOTT er - describes the phenomenon that particular items are relevant to the story and that the producers put them ‘as a trace‘ in the movie or episode to tell the story right. We then try to figure out what the purpose of the items might be. Therefore, we check the brands, the exact product names, a few details of the product, the colors or the pop-cultural references for hints as to why the directors, costume designers or set decorators might have used them. Sure, we assume that fairly every object in a movie or TV series is there for a particular reason, but sometimes we simply just do not find a reason. Despite this uncertainty, we will still identify the item for you to tell you there are probably no hidden meanings.

    And, of course, sometimes we may over-interpret the relevance of these items because we make educated guesses and do not know for sure if the producers really had these associations or references in mind. Nevertheless, we hope our research gives you entertaining and curious background information and trivia you never expected that makes you enjoy the stories, TV series and movies even more.

  • indentIFY - This simply means that we identify the objects and their details and meanings for you. We then gather them on one platform and try to give you any information about these items, which might be relevant for the story and the information where you can get them in real life.

How it Works

We have tried to make the navigation of the site as easy as possible:

  • Simply click on a cover of a movie or TV series and you get an overview of all objects and places we have already found for you in this particular movie or TV show.
  • Or simply click on an object’s picture to find out where you can get it in your real life because we always try to find the exact item or a similar alternative in one of your favorite shops worldwide.
    To read the full story behind the object and its meaning in the particular movie or TV show, simply click on "Read The Full Story".
  • You can also use the search functionality for finding certain movies, TV shows, actors, brands, or other search queries that come to mind.

We need your Feedback

To create the best value and experience for you, we would love your feedback in order to make the service better for you. Therefore, feel free to contact us anytime with your wishes, feedback, comments, complaints or improvements. We do this hard work just for you. The best way to provide feedback is through our social media channels, which we check every day, or you can contact us directly via email: contact@plottify.com

Big Thanks :)